Adopt Pet Puffles
Explore the Island
Customize Igloos
Play Games to Earn Coins
Personalize With Penguin Styles

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Please ask your parents for permission

The #1 virtual world for kids comes alive with more on the go than ever before!

New this update – Now available on iPhone 4 and up, and iPod touch 4 and up, explore the island with friends, collect pet puffles, and play games to earn coins to personalize penguins and customize igloos. Plus, stay connected to friends and action at

Adopt up to 40 pet puffles from the Pet Shop to play with and care for – including new dog and cat puffles.

Play games on the iPhone and iPod touch including Jetpack Boost, Pizzatron 3000, Smoothie Smash, Bean Counters, Puffle Roundup, Puffle Rescue, Ice Fishing, Sushi Drop, and Pufflescape (to level 16). On iPad, also play Card-Jitsu Snow and Pufflescape (all levels). Plus, party with Club Penguin app friends in the Plaza, Puffle Hotel and Puffle Park, with more rooms coming soon!

The Club Penguin app is free to play. However, additional content is available in this app with a paid membership. Children should always seek their parent or guardian's permission to download and play.

EXPLORE the island with friends in the Town, Puffle Park, Lighthouse, University & more

ADOPT up to 40 pet puffles including the dog and cat!*

PLAY games to earn virtual coins

PERSONALIZE a penguin with the latest clothes & items*

CUSTOMIZE a unique igloo with furniture items*

CHAT around the island with friends on the Club Penguin app**

LIKE friends’ igloos to let ‘em know they’re cool

SHOP for styles, igloos & furniture in the Club Penguin app catalog*

*Requires paid membership

**Restrictions apply